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Tank had to turn in his player card to become the husband he is today…

Zena Foster and Tank aka Durrell Babbs

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It’s Friday and you know what that means! All our favorite real love and relationship shows air tonight on OWN! We’ve got an exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s episode of “Black Love” featuring Tank and his wife Zena Foster, talking about how his career was detrimental to healthy decision making and the values he was raised with.

With his wife Zena by his side Tank described how he went from being a background singer to being the main attraction, revealing that shift changed him into someone he didn’t recognize, untill he ultimately recognized he had to give up his bad habits to be with his wife in the relationship they have today.

Here’s the full quote from Tank:

A lot of my mishaps and poor decision making had a lot to do with me being an entertainer. I’ll lead with the entertainment industry doesn’t promote healthy, you know what I mean? It doesn’t promote prosperity in the things that we grew up in. It doesn’t promote that. And I all of a sudden become this artist that was like this sex symbol. And I’m straight from church and now I have this different access and this different notoriety. That’ll mess you up.

As a kid coming from the DMV and just trying to sing and used to just being a background singer for Ginuwine and used to just being backup and now they’re screaming your name. And you’re like, I wonder why they’re screaming my name? And well, let’s see. And so you start to take advantage of that access. And before you know it, before you know it — it’s not even a thought of if you should partake. It just becomes second nature. And so you have to go through a process of killing those bad habits. Which are deeply embedded and rooted, into everything — not just you, but everything that’s around you. Getting to this point with her was like, it was hard but it was absolutely worth it.

Tank does a really good job here of sparing us the details. We’re curious whether or not Zena was content with the same kind of euphemisms. Do you think Tank is putting too much blame on the industry and not taking enough responsibility? Or is he just telling his truth? Do you think he would have still had mishaps if he’d stayed a backup singer? Or what if he’d been a UPS driver?

Ladies, would you shy away from a relationship with an entertainer for the reasons Tank detailed? Fellas would you?

Episode 504 – “Faith and Fear” airs on Friday, June 4 at 10pm ET/PT.


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