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A white foster mother in Seattle is being charged with second-degree assault and second-degree attempted assault of a child after forcing over 470 unnecessary medical treats on her Black adopted daughter.

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In 2015, the world was shocked when news outlets reported the gruesome and twisted story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard. Gypsy was known to the neighbors and everyone in her life as a sick child who couldn’t even walk and was fed with a feeding tube. In the summer of 2015, Gypsy murdered her mother because, in her eyes, it was the only way she could get away and live her own life. As it turns out, her mother had subjected her to a life of unnecessary treatments and dozens of surgeries for financial gain when Gypsy was actually perfectly healthy.

Now, in 2021, we have another story in Seattle which is unfortunately very similar.

Q13 Fox Seattle reports a white foster mother is being charged for subjecting her Black adopted daughter to 407 unnecessary medical treatments which included feeding tubes and wheelchairs, just like Gypsy.

Court documents say the child has had nearly 500 medical appointments since she was around 2 years old and has had what doctors called an “unnecessary medical procedure,” with a surgically implanted feeding tube, as well as a cecostomy tube, to help flush the intestines. The child also had leg braces and a wheelchair despite doctors telling her mother that they were unnecessary, according to court documents.

A report co-authored by four medical professionals on the child’s care team, reviewed and signed by the medical director for Seattle Children’s Hospital, calls the risk to her child “profound.”

“This situation is a case of medical child abuse … ” the report reads. “It is not necessary to know the possible motivation of a caregiver, only the outcome of the behavior. It is my concern that this pattern has resulted in unnecessary medical testing, medication, procedures, surgeries and debility of this child.”


This sick grift and its evilness were all captured on video for everyone to see due to the daughter being a Make A Wish recipient in 2018. In the 2018 video, the mother lays out all the issues her daughter has and how bad it will get in the future…all of which was allegedly a lie and she knew the daughter was perfectly healthy.

Sophie Hartman is charged with second-degree assault and second-degree attempted assault of a child.




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