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…and f**k how white people feel about it too.

"Reclaim the Park" Gathering Held In Charlottesville On Third Anniversary Of Violent Far-Right Rally

Source: Eze Amos / Getty

Like many other symbols of racist traitors that adorn various public spaces in America, the Charlottesville City Council has voted to remove two of their own symbols of evil according to The Washington Post. There is no doubt that you remember the 2017 race riots that took place at the site of the Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson statues in the fraught Virginia town.

You may be asking yourself, “why are they JUST now voting to take these statues down?” Well, it had already been decided that the oppressive monuments would be toppled but a group of soup cookies gathered together to file a lawsuit to stop their ankkkestors from being removed, and a judge, likely a soup cookie sympathizer, granted them an injunction. Fortunately, the state’s Supreme Court threw that lifeless litigation out back in April and now, we’re here. Every member of the current city council is new and wasn’t a part of the original vote. The vote for removal was unanimous.

Many Charlottesville citizens said that they want the statues gone before the August 11-12 anniversary of the bloody day that captured the country’s attention and left Heather Heyer, a protester, dead. Community leader Don Gathers had this to say:

“If my trash ends up in a neighbor’s yard, it’s still trash,” Gathers said. “Those things are like the bat signal for white supremacists.”

Word to KKKommissioner Gordon.


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