A local Detroit man won $30,000 by playing the lottery, later deciding to spend $20K of it on a brand new chain.  Unfortunately for him, he was robbed and beaten for his chain just a few days later.

Sometimes your blessings are best kept close to your heart and not shared with everyone. With the pandemic destroying people’s stability, some are hungry and willing to do whatever to feed their families.

A local Detroit man got a major blessing during these wild times and won $30,000 in the lottery. Most lottery winners’ first question is, “How can I stay anonymous to protect myself?”  A good question to guard them against anyone that would try to harm them for the cash.

For this winner, however, he spent the majority of his winnings on a brand new chain unconcerned of laying low, which also left him with barely any cash. Perhaps he thought that would stop anyone from bothering him but he was very, very wrong.

The man would later be beaten and robbed for his chain outside of a local gas station and the entire thing was caught on film. To show how often he visits this exact gas station, he was even on hand to give an interview about the ordeal. When life blesses you financially, you instantly have to change up how you move, a tough lesson this man had to learn the hard way.




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