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One Tennessee man’s luck has struck twice—once scoring the winning lottery ticket and second finding the ticket after he lost it.

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We often hear stories that are just too good to be true and think, “what are the chances?” This latest story from Tennessee might just take the cake.

Nick Slatten is in the running for the luckiest man in the world with circumstanced most of us could only dream of. Slatten stopped by a local store and picked up a Tennessee Cash ticket and some other items. He went to bed, woke up, and checked his lottery ticket and lo and behold: he won the prize with a value of $1,178,746. However, according to Complex, he lost that lucky ticket not too long after—but it turns out, luck was still on his side.

Slatten said he first informed his fiancée about their life-changing win, and then spent the following hours running various errands, including taking his brother to an auto shop before grabbing a bite to eat. About an hour after lunch, Slatten realized he no longer had the unsigned ticket and immediately began searching.

“I couldn’t find it anywhere,” he recalled.

As pointed out by Tennessee Cash, a lost unsigned ticket can be claimed by anyone who finds it, which is why lottery companies urge ticket-holders to sign their tickets immediately after confirming their wins.
Slatten retraced his footsteps and eventually returned to O’Reilly Auto Parts, where he had previously taken his brother. Shortly after pulling up to the parking lot, Slatten saw his winning ticket lying on the ground next to another vehicle, which was incredibly fortunate as March 11 was a particularly windy day.

Slatten seems like a fairly good dude who plans to pay off his house, upgrade his cars, and carry on like it never happened. Let this be a lesson if you find out you won the lottery, sign the ticket immediately or anyone can cash in.



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