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Congrats are in order for Saweetie who’s recently purchased a new home that sounds like the perfect place to create her viral social media content.

On Wednesday, the “Icy Girl” participated in “Instagram and Facebook’s on Creator Week” and broke down tips and tricks to capturing the attention of her 11.8 million followers.

Instagram and Facebook's Creator Week

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She also shared that she’ll be going sharing posts via a new home she recently purchased. When asked if she prefers a small or large kickback at home, she noted that she’s the proud owner of a new place.

“I’m extra, if my firends and family are in town I’m inviting everybody. I actually just moved and I have a rooftop and I named it “Club Icy” so you can expect a lot of content coming from Club Icy this summer,” said Saweetie.

In a particularly funny moment, Saweetie defended those gut-rumbling concoctions she likes to share on IG. As previously reported the schedmium-sized emcee has a huge and unusual appetite and shared videos of herself eating food that looks like she’s “institutionalized.”

Saweetie’s concoctions include ramen seasoning on oysters, spaghetti with ranch, and ramen noodles with Hot Cheetos and hot sauce.

“A lot of people talk about my food but it’s my belly and I can put whatever I want in it,” said Saweetie during Instagram’s Creator Week. “This little concoction I did with the ramen and the McDonald’s burger; I don’t eat like that every daty, I actually post everthring do eat but what goes viral are those outageos concctions. I’m a woman who has interesting taste buds and I”m not scared to show that.”

Sounds delicious? We guess…

Saweetie also broke down the keys to “Pretty Girl Summer” where she shared advice on creating purposeful content, trusting creative instincts, hustling, education, and securing thoughtful collaborations.

See Creator Week highlights from Saweetie below.

Saweetie on her creative process:

“I’ve always been a girl of aesthetics, I’ve always been someone of purposeful content. If I’m posting something to promote my business, the lighting is right, the colors are coordinated, and it means something.“


Saweetie on forging thoughtful collaborations:

“No matter how many followers someone has, I always do background research on that person.

Protect your energy. Protect your brand. Protect your business. When someone wants to collaborate with you make sure that it makes sense and that they’re good people to do business with.”


About Instagram Creator Week

Creator Week is virtually engaging thousands of creators – primarily in the aspiring and emerging categories – with a programming schedule that is designed to help them build their careers and personal brand, support their wellbeing, and connect them with their peers.

The three-day event is host to creator meetups, DJs in

residence, interactive workshops, and other surprises to help creators build sustainable careers and businesses on Instagram and Facebook.



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