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Donna, Black Ink

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Donna Lombardi of “Black In Crew: New York” was accused by her own boyfriend of being violently abusive in their relationship on an episode of the show that aired this week, and viewers were shocked to see how her costars responded. The whole crew seemingly wanted NOTHING to do with the alleged domestically abusive star.

In the shocking scene from the episode, Cease, Puma, and Teddy notice a scratch on Alex’s upper lip after he seemingly got into it with his girlfriend Donna. Alex claimed she got upset that he finished brushing his teeth before her, so it led to an argument.

What happened next really turned the cast and producers off, causing them to step in. Donna pulled up and says that it was Alex’s own fault he got scratched, then she asked the guys if they fight with their women, but claim they don’t put their hands on their partners.

At that point, Cease tells Alex that he feels he is in an abusive and toxic relationship. As Donna continues to tell Alex that she didn’t scratch him, Puma says he refuses to film with anyone who is an abuser. He believes Donna would be in more trouble if she was a man and Alex was a woman. And Puma doesn’t think that’s fair.

One of the producers got involved and warned Alex that what Donna is doing to him is not okay. Donna then stepped in and claimed that she didn’t attack Alex. But he said she did. Regardless, Donna persuades Alex to get in the car with her so they could leave and talk in private.

You can watch the full clip below. What are YOUR thoughts on this?

Donna has since responded after the clip of Alex alleging she put hands on him aired on television. The seemingly frustrated reality star denied abusing Alex, insinuating she was set up to look bad by the folks behind the television show:

“It’s so funny that one season I stopped doing tattoos once a year & didn’t beat anyone’s a** now I’m an abuser and a racist. As soon as you stop being their puppet they try and make you a clown.”


A few hours after Donna’s denial of the situation, Alex then admitted to making up the abuse claims, apologizing to his girlfriend.

Wow. We hope everyone is ok and remains safe in this situation. What are YOUR thoughts on this?


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