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Just because you’re not caucasian doesn’t mean you’re not una galleta de sopa…

Guacamole and Crackers

Source: Jennifer A Smith / Getty

Remember the SoHo Karen Miya Ponsetto? The dusty broad who accused and attacked Keyon Harrold Jr., a then 15 year old, after swearing up and down that he had stolen her iPhone? Well, we officially have a variant and we need the TVA to intervene immediately to prune her from this timeline and send her to the void to be devoured by Aolith.

A Black man named Ja’Shear Bryant was shopping at a Walmart in Moreno Valley, California when a Latinx woman who has only been identified as “Liz” approached him asking if he had stolen her son’s cell phone. When Ja’Shear told her he had not, things went left. According to Newsbreak, the Kareñ began to follow Bryant around the store demanding that he return the phone that he had not stolen, she also stated that she was calling the police. Upon leaving the store, the Kareñ following him into the parking lot where the harassment continued. At this point, Ja’Shear began filming.

The Kareñ insisted that Ja’Shear had her son’s phone because the tracking app showed that the phone was in the immediate vacinity. More on that in a second. After walking back into the store to further address the issue, the Kareñ tried her damnedest to get the employees on her side but no avail. Literally, in the middle of the argument, Kareñ’s son walks in holding the phone saying, wait for it…he found it in the car where he had left it.

We couldn’t make this s**t up if we tried. Peep the video for yourself.

You see how his trash a$$ “mother” couldn’t even apologize to the Black man for profiling him?? Had the nerve to tell him “go f**k yourself” after putting on a SHOW. The audacity…


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