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Yeah, it’s Alabama but still…

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Nothing that comes out of a white man’s mouth in The Heart of Dixie could possibly surprise us but at some point, you would think the feeling of self-preservation would take over but nope. Racism is far too tempting an apple for some white folks not to take a bite. Enter Tarrant, Alabama city councilman John “Tommy” Bryant. This good ol boy reckoned it was prudent to both his political ambitions and his marriage to use the n-word in defense of his wife. Allow us to explain.

According to Business Insider, Bryant was in a heated public debate with one of his Black colleagues, Veronica Freeman, about his wife’s repeated use of the n-word on Facebook. In response to being confronted, Bryant loudly and proudly asked:

“Do we have a house ni**er in here? Do we? Do we? Would she please stand up?”

This muthaf***a really asked her to please stand up like she’s the real Slim Shady! To be clear, this isn’t hearsay or conjecture, these are the coldest and hardest facts you’ll ever come across. The whole thing was documented and you can watch it for yourself in the video clip below.


Following the racist rant, Veronica Freeman can be seen leaving the room sobbing in tears. In an embarrassingly weak attempt to justify his use of the n-word, Bryant then boldly blamed Tarrant’s first Black mayor Wayman Newton for using it. Saying that he heard Newton refer to Ms. Freeman as such in a previous meeting according to WVTM13.

“He said it in a derogatory manner, I said it so people would know what the mayor said,” Bryant said. “The mayor was being derogatory toward Veronica Freeman when he said that.”

“It’s time for those people who are going to get mad about what I said, they need to get mad that the mayor said it, not that I said it,” he added, saying that Newton bullies Freeman.

The audacity. As you might imagine, the people of Tarrant and the Alabama Democratic Party want Bryant removed from the painted area expeditiously.

Alabama still has progressed but they still have a lot of cleaning up to do!



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