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Show of hands…who’s surprised?

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In the wake of the MAGA takeover, “the summer of racial reckoning”, and a seemingly never-ending feed of racist white folks attacking, harassing, and gaslighting Black people on social media, it should come as no surprise that race relations in Amerikkka aren’t exactly peachy-keen. A new Gallup poll corroborates this feeling with hard stats that point out that for the second consecutive year the positive ratings are at their lowest in over two decades.

Currently, 42% of Americans say relations between the two groups are “very” or “somewhat” good, while 57% say they are “somewhat” or “very” bad.

Last year’s poll had only 44% of respondents stating that they felt relations were “very” or “somewhat” good. What’s even more telling is that there is a 10-point gap between  Black Americans’ and White Americans’ positive feelings toward race relations. In 2019, only 36% of Black folks felt that race relations were positive in comparison to the 46% of white folks who felt the same. In 2020, those numbers dipped even lower to 33% and 43% respectively. Each stat marks the lowest number of either group in the recorded history of this poll that began in 2001.

What say you? How do you feel about race relations in 2021? Sound off in the comments!



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