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If this isn’t a devil, we don’t know what is…

The gun behind

Source: Kashin Sergey Alekseevich / Getty

There isn’t a day that passes that Black folks don’t suffer from white violence of some sort. Sometimes it’s passive, sometimes it’s aggressive, this story definitely qualifies as the latter.

According to Yahoo! a white woman in Houston, Texas named Christine Fesus has been charged with murder after drawing her gun and firing shots into a 36-year-old homeless woman named Deandra Citizen. Fesus encountered Citizen in the parking lot of a local grocery store on July 25 where she told authorities that she was attacked by Fesus while walking her dog. Surveillance cameras determined that this was a lie from the pits of Hell.

Investigators later discovered that Fesus approached Citizen while walking her dogs and opened fire shortly after she spotted the innocent victim talking to herself. A bystander tried to help resuscitate Citizen but medical officials pronounced her dead upon arriving at the scene.

A man claiming to be Citizen’s boyfriend told authorities that she was having a mental health crisis moments before Fesus approached her. Fesus told them that the woman “came” at her while saying, “There is one of those diseased white people.” Two things can be true, Christine Fesus can be a diseased white person and a liar at the same damn time. Court docs say that Citizen attempted to hide the weapon and change her clothes before calling the police to report the shooting. She was subsequently arrested and released on $75,000 bond. Somehow her lawyer was able to convince the judge to skirt house arrest and or curfew.

Must be white.


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