Bossip Reader Exclusive: Christopher Johnson Has Personal Message For Steve Harvey [Video]

- By Bossip Staff
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  • Chrystal

    Christopher has valid points. He just needs to keep in mind the main purpose of Harvey writing the book, was to make money – especially after his bodyguard boom-a-rang was so successful with his book.

  • not impressed

    boooo… ok so your an exception. You don’t change the fact that the stats are against black women. Ummm We are still looking for mr right and not willing to settle. He told us not to settle. Steve told us that you – good black men are out there but we’ve got to have standards so that we will be treated the way we ought to be.

  • SteelCityChick

    How does Steve have any say about a good man? I know he isn’t trying to make himself out to be a good man, the type of man that is a good catch. How many times has this man been married?

  • LVW

    I think this guy is so cute! I think he really wants to be married and he’s taking some real good steps toward achieving that goal. The number one step is that he really “wants” to be married. A lot of men, Black, White, Yellow and Red don’t. I don’t think Steve Harvey is coming down on Black men, he’s trying to set a good example and I think this guy is a good example. I wish him well. I’m sure he’ll find the right mate whether Steve Harvey continues to share his opinions or not. I hope Steve does though because I love Steve Harvey!

    Although the stats show that most Black families are busted and that there are an inordinate amount of single black women, I think it comes down to the individual. I’m married (11 years in July of 2010). I love my husband and he’s a good man who happens to be Black. All relationships require work, maturity, honesty and a willingness not be selfish.

  • Big Bee

    A hit Dog will bark. Don’t take it personal. If in your heart you don’t fit that type of guy, then your chances finding Ms. Right and not Ms. Right now just went up.

    It aint about what Steve is sayin, its about what you are doing. Brother that woman is going to recognize you for you no matter what Steve says.

  • mzmoneybagz

    They both have valid points. But real talk their are damn good black men out!!! their. Unfortunately it aint enough of them the majority of black men are full of $hit and aren’t worth the salt in a loaf of bread.

  • marie

    Yeah I think theyre both right steve should uplift the young male not pull down in mire but the dude shouldnt put so much weight in steves words women arent led that easily if we see a good man trust that we know by his character, dignity, confidence and how he treats us meaning his momma, sisters, women in general. Black men and women are to blame we are caught in a catch 22 its either a good man and a grimey woman who treats him bad or a good woman with a grimey man. This messes it up for the next person making the uphill climb that much harder. I knw because i’m guilty of it gone is my naivte and innocence replaced by caution, hestitation, and somewhat jaded. Sad I knw but I have to ask the age old question if there is any good men out there where are they at? I DONT SEE YOU.


    This young man is a lair and do not feed into it. He has a son by my niece and he does not take care of him at all. He is a loser a lair and a cheater, but he is trying to get married PLEASE. Steve was correct when he said that his generation did not teach this generation how to be men. A man would take care of his child and not let his son’s mother do everything. He would be honest and adult about all situations and he would take care f his responsibilities. THAT IS WHAT A MAN DOES. And how do I know I have one.

  • Chrystal

    This is getting funnier by the moment, and I think I will stop reading this feed.
    If what a commenter wrote is truth, an absentee father campaigning for man-of-the-year and husband material; is too freaking asinine.

    BTW, Its one thing to make a typo when you’re commenting, but to actually misspell the word “liar” twice isn’t considered a typo. And using the word their instead of there is just plain bad grammar. Spell check works, most of the time.

    Finally, as mentioned in my earlier comment it was about making money for Harvey, as it is for Christopher. A good man does not need to start a campaign stating that he’s a good man.

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