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Chrissy Teigen can’t help but laugh at all the people accusing her of deleting negative Instagram comments.

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Both before, during, and after her most recent “cancelation,” Teigen’s IG comments and Twitter replies were chock full of negativity. Now that things have slowed down and those who think Chrissy should be permanently cancelled simply haven’t been paying attention to her, the negativity has mostly subsided, causing some people to accuse the model of deleting hateful comments.

In true Chrissy Teigen fashion, she says she finds those claims “funny.”

“Two things that I think are funny right now,” she said on her Instagram Story on Tuesday. “One: People in my comments that are mad that there’s not enough angry comments in my comments. They think that I like delete them. But like, what?”

The Cravings cookbook author went on to say, “That’s like next-level hater, when you’re mad that there’s not enough hate. It’s pretty… you’re just crazy.”

The second thing the 35-year-old finds funny is how she gets trolled whenever she posts anything on Instagram, no matter the context.

“If I leave a comment underneath somebody’s photo, even if it’s nice—’You look great,’ ‘I love this outfit’—people get all sorts of mad. Because…I am alive,” she complained.

After so many years building a following on the internet, Teigen is still acting like she doesn’t get how it works.

Last month, Chrissy opened up about being canceled, reckoning with the idea that she could be in the “cancel club forever.” She also claimed she wouldn’t get involved in other people’s “s**t” and would lay low in the future, though that’s hard to imagine following her track history.

“I have decided I’m not getting involved in anyone’s s**t ever again,” she said in July. “All I can do is live my life and take care of my kids and family. Everyone else can make their choice.”



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