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Good first step but now let’s see some charges and convictions.

Donovon Lynch

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Earlier this year BOSSIP reported on the tragic shooting death of 25-year-old Donovon Lynch at the hands of the Virginia Beach Police Department. At the time of the shooting, trigger-happy officer Solomon Simmons III conveniently “forgot” to turn on his body camera. Lynch was the cousin of Pharrell Williams who posted about how heartbroken he and his family were. He also expressed extreme skepticism of the story that 12 is trying to sell. Today, we have an update that gives their suspicion even more credence than it had previously.

The NYPost is reporting that the official autopsy has ruled Donovon’s killing a homicide and as a result, a state grand jury investigation has been launched. The grand jury will convene in September to decide whether or not criminal charges should be brought against Simmons. Earlier this summer, Donovon’s father, Wayne Lynch filed a $50 million wrongful death lawsuit against the department. Police say that Donovon brandished a gun and forced Simmons’ hand, however…

But Donovan’s friend, Darrion Marsh, who was there the night of the incident, has disputed the claim, telling the Washington Post in July that he “did not see Lynch pull out a gun before he was shot and that Simmons opened fire without warning as Marsh and Lynch retreated to their car following two earlier shootings that left one dead and eight injured.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Donovon’s family in hopes that they get the justice they deserve and that Solomon Simmons sits in prison for a very long time.


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