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Something doesn’t smell right.

Police Yellow Caution Tape for crime scene

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Darius Swain was missing for several days as the Tallahassee Police Department and Florida Department of Law Enforcement searched for him on the weekend of July 23, 2021. On July 25 his body was found behind a local Walmart. According to The Tallahassee Democrat, the police inexplicably concluded that there was “no foul play suspected”. They want us to believe that somehow the teenager just…we don’t know…dropped dead out of the sky behind a store. Honestly, it’s offensive that they would even offer up such an implausible and asinine explanation.

As you can imagine, the family ain’t really trying to hear that. The Swains tell Bossip that police denied relatives the right to identify his body and to date have not seen the deceased. Even more shocking is that they were told that Darius was spotted alive on July 24 and 25. “We have not and never will view him, as his funeral was on 8/8/2021, closed casket. People positively identified him as being alive & well on Sat (7/24) & Sun 7/25) AND hounds picked up his scent on Saturday & Sunday in those areas, yet we were told he had been deceased since Fri. (23rd). How is that possible?”

The family received several tips that led to dead ends including one particularly disturbing one about Darius, whose wallet containing hundreds is still missing, allegedly being held against his will by a white man. The Swains tell us that authorities are reportedly being uncooperative as the family continues their search and they fear a coverup.

We got a lead that he was on another side of town at a gas station & then at a house being held against his will by a white gentleman. The same gentleman he was seen with at the gas station & at the Dollar General. He was seen in a neighborhood with 3 boys, where hounds went on that street. We called authorities to meet us there but they didn’t do anything. The investigator on the case stated to let them handle it. The investigator later called at 2:59 am that Monday morning, requesting of us to come to the station due to a, “new lead”. It was then that we were notified of his demise.

The heartbreak in this story is only further compounded by the fact that the police don’t seem to be transparent about what happened to Darius. Moreover, they seem perfectly content with closing the case and letting the family suffer.



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