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TLC’s hit series “My Feet Are Killing Me”  features Dr. Ebonie, Dr. Brad, and Dr. Sarah working to treat exceptional foot maladies with tender love and care and BOSSIP’s once again got an exclusive clip.

My Feet Are Killing Me

Source: TLC / TLC’s My Feet Are Killing Me

In it, we see Dr. Ebonie once again coming to the rescue, this time for patient Akilah who thinks her feet are CURSED. According to the patient, feet problems are hereditary and no doctor’s been able to figure out exactly what’s ailing her.

“Everybody in our family has foot problems, everybody just gives up and says [it’s a] callous,” says the patient. “I’m hoping Dr. Ebonie can help us figure out what this really is.”

My Feet Are Killing Me

Source: TLC / My Feet Are Killing Me

The patient whose brother also has the ailment goes on to tell the doctor that her feet smell like “stinky peanut butter” when she sweats and tells a story of a distant relative who was “cursed” while caught in a cheating scandal.

“A great great grandmother was cheating with someone else’s husband and the wife was coming home, so she had to run out barefoot. So she ran into the wife and they put a curse on her feet because she was barefoot and running away.” 

My Feet Are Killing Me

Source: TLC / My Feet Are Killing Me

Akilah then reveals her feet and it’s unlike anything Dr. Ebonie has seen before.

My Feet Are Killing Me

Source: TLC / My Feet Are Killing Me

Take an exclusive look below.



Watch season 3 of “My Feet Are Killing Me” Wednesdays at 10 pm ET/PT on TLC.


In these new episodes, the doctors perform transformational work on patients with everything from literal horns to bark-like growths on their feet—they’ll even see a woman who appears to have permanent stilettos on her heels, an extremely rare condition called Olmstead Syndrome. The doctors will use their expertise and compassion to help their patients put their best foot forward to reclaim their lives. Additionally, in the digital series My Feet Are Killing Me: Foot Notes, premiering on TLCgo and later on discovery+, Dr. Brad, Dr. Ebonie, and Dr. Sarah provide their point of view on never-before-seen cases.

Join the conversation using the hashtag #MyFeetAreKillingMe. MY FEET ARE KILLING ME is produced by Renegade 83 an Entertainment One Company, for TLC.



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