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*clutches pearls*

Our sangin’ fave Jazmine Sullivan was back at it again with the spicy shenanigans–this time, sharing her fans’ ‘secrets they’ll never tell their partner’ on her deliciously messy Instagram stories currently shaking up social media.

In the hilarious Q & A (that will disappear in a few hours), she shared some of the freaknastiest replies from anonymous followers who revealed their deepest, darkest secrets that will make you A) cackle obnoxiously B) clutch your imaginary pearls or C) take a shot.

Many of the replies were sex-related while others were something that you’ve seen or haven’t seen *yet* in a Tyler Perry movie.

This latest viral moment comes after Jazmine’s gorgeous Essence cover and interview where she opened up about making space for Black women and much more.

“I feel like we get caught up in thinking there’s ‘only one’ of us. There can only be one R&B superstar; there can only be one rap girl at a time. That’s not true. God was not stingy when He was giving out gifts. And you’re not the only person. There are many other women, especially Black women, who can do what you do. And let’s all create spaces for each other to get out there and do that…”

She also got real about therapy and finding the right therapist.

“The first five minutes I was holding back tears, because I was like, ‘Wow, this is the first time I’m actually speaking about my feelings. And it’s not in a song. It doesn’t require notes. I don’t need to impress anybody with what it is that I’m actually doing. This is the first time.’

So I was holding back tears even doing that. But after that first five minutes, I was surprised by how much I was enjoying speaking to somebody, and somebody listening to me, and I didn’t have to perform to do it. But finding the right therapist is a process—because I went to therapy one time, years ago, and I hated the experience, and I feel like it stopped me from going for a long time.

And then I found this new lady, and it’s a totally different experience. So you have to find the right person for you, that you actually want to open up to. But once you do that, a weight lifts off of you—just from speaking, just from telling your story. And that’s what ‘Heaux Tales’ was. It’s like, ‘Tell it, girl. Tell it. Set yourself free.’”

Which celebs have must-see IG stories like Jazmine’s? Tell us down below and enjoy more of the funniest, wildest and craziest secrets on the flip.

“These stories on Jazmine Sullivan’s page man….oh my god” – WILD

“When I say Jazmine Sullivan is a complete fool for this response on her Instagram! 💀😂 Your phone now please
@jsullivanmusic” – *howls*

“Jazmine Sullivan’s IG story is such a mess I’m dying 💀😭😭😭 Her meme & music selection too perfect” – Jazmine’s meme collection >>>>

“This definitely my favorite secret on Jazmine Sullivan’s ig story” – whew lawd

“Jazmine Sullivan’s IG story is taking me under 😭” – funniest IG story of 2021

“Errrrbody on Jazmine Sullivan story going to HELL” – every single person

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“Bihhhh Goooo look at Jazmine Sullivan’s IG story😭😭😭 you won’t be disappointed. I AM CACKLING these are only a few. It’s a plethora of stories and her responses are funny as hell” – HILARIOUS


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