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We all know that white America’s favorite coonservative, Candace Owens, has made a career out of putting herself in the news by making a big deal out of things that aren’t actually a big deal but get right-wingers’ star-spangled pantaloons all in a bunch.

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We also know that the Kanye West of Marjorie Taylor Greenes is a whole con artist who knows inflaming white people while bashing Black people and progressives is her only method of filling her purse with something other than white people’s hair care products and synthesized negro-scrub-away ointment.

This is likely why, on Wednesday, the Queen regent of the sunken place took to the Ki-Ki-Karen-o-thon that is her Twitter feed to express her fake outrage at a private laboratory in Aspen, Colorado, for refusing to test her for COVID-19 because she’s a COVID-denying, anti-vaxxing idiot who spreads medical misinformation faster than she spreads Donald Trump’s Tang-flavored honey-doo-doo all over her face. (That was vulgar and unnecessary and I’m not proud of it. OK, I’m a little proud.)

According to screenshots shared by the queen “Blexit” comander-in-WAPlessness, Suzzanna Lee, owner of Rocky Mountain Labs, said Owens was denied a test because “we cannot support anyone who has pro-actively worked to make this pandemic worse by spreading misinformation.”

So, what’s the problem, Candace? What happened to “medical choice” and “I trust my gut much more than I trust Dr. Fauci?” You don’t need a COVID test to trust your gut and medical proffessionals of a privately owned lab can also make the “medical choice” to send you and your edgeless, pine cone-shaped head to another clinic.

Owens routinely uses her platform to lie and pretend to be educated on things when we all know her credentials end at her graduating MAGA-coon-louldy from Sambo University A&T (Ashiness & Tap-dancing), so it’s no surprise that even health care professionals want nothing to do with her.

Just get over youself, non-sis, and go somewhre else to get tested for the thing you have claimed isn’t all that dangerous anyway.

Or, whatever; do it or don’t—just go away. 


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