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There’s an ongoing shade fest on social media between an ungreased scalp sista and Cardi B.

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GOP puppet yet RNC reject Candace Owens loves attention and she recently used Belcalis’ name to beckon some. On Sunday, Candace shared a clip of her appearance on “The Ben Shapiro Show: Sunday Special” where she called Cardi “illiterate” and accused Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden of pandering by being in that ELLE magazine interview with her.

“It is one of the biggest insults. If Black Americans are not insulted by the fact that Joe Biden, who has been hiding in his basement, you know, for the entire year, made an appearance to come out because he was going do an interview with Cardi B. Do we have nothing better to offer?” said Candace.
“Joe Biden], you are pandering. You look at Cardi B’s Instagram, and you see she has millions of followers, and you think, ‘OK, this is an illiterate person, and if I appeal to this illiterate person’ … ‘They think she’s cool,’” Owens said. “’She’s hip just by sitting here and taking this interview. Black people will vote for me.’ It’s basically saying, ‘Black people, you are stupid, you are dumb, and you are so foolish.'”

Now, the kiddie perm participant could’ve shared her thoughts on Biden WITHOUT insulting Cardi—but we all know why she did that. It’s the same reason why she tacked on Kanye’s name to her “Blexit” bull$hit and then got publicly embarrassed and the same reason why she previously challenged Cardi to a debate. She’s the tap-dancin’ Tomi Lahren. 

Let’s move on.

Cardi is never one to back down from a fight, so she took Candace to bat and denied being “used” by Biden. She also noted that her sister Hennessy Carolina and Hennessy’s girlfriend recently got into a verbal altercation with alleged MAGAs who hurled homophobic insults at them.

She then added that Candace needs to be mad at Oxidized Orange Juice in Office, not her.

The shade has since spilled over to Instagram where the GOP’s ventriloquist dummy countered that Cardi who’s in support of defunding the police is “more likely to be killed by her husband” than by authorities.


Hit the flip for that.

“You’re a fraud,” said Coondace Candace on Instagram. “You’re way more likely to be killed by your husband than you are by a police officer.”


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Now, why bring Offset into this???

She also denied being used by the RNC–which is quite clear because they didn’t even bother to invite their Black bootlicker to the convention.  All that shucking and jiving and they don’t even respect you, sis.

“You’re a puppet they use you,” said Candace. “You wanna talk about Trump using me? What are you talking about? Using me for what? I don’t work for the RNC, I don’t get paid by the Trump campaign. You don’t know what to do when you talk to a Black woman that’s free.”

She then challenged Cardi to have a chat with black conservatives before promoting her book “Blackout.”


Cardi responded with a series of since-deleted Instagram videos but it sounds like she might be addressing Candace soon. She mentioned on her Instastory that she’s done giving people “free promo” and asked fans if she should “address s***’ on a podcast.

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There’s lots more shade to see here, hit the flip.

Cardi admitted to hating paying taxes but said she’d like the money to go to free education. She also brought up Candace’s GoFundMe campaign’s recent suspension. As previously reported good ole’ Crunchy Owens’ GoFundMe for a cafe owner was suspended after she made distasteful comments about George Floyd. 

“Same b*** that got her GoFundMe account suspended cause the nasty remarks she made against George Floyd…ya hate me that bad? Really okay eat it up then.”

Cardi also trolled Candace who’s pregnant with lyrics from “WAP.”

Cardi’s pulled up old tweets to show that Candace has been obsessed with her since her Love & Hip Hop days….

“Candice in 2918 [2018] ….She been knew I was that girlllll .”

and trolled Candiace and her new followers with a video of Deplorable devotees dancing to WAP.

“I seriously don’t even know how me and Candice started arguing Face with monocleJust a couple of weeks ago her man was playing Wap in his Trump boat party !?I hate arguing wit people .Since I got new followers here STREAM WAP.Its Endorse my Melania !”

Cardi also said she’ll never stop using her voice, despite what conservative “s like Candiace think.

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