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2021 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

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Singer SZA’s father was allegedly PEEVED after viewing last night’s VMAs after his daughter got her flowers but wasn’t allowed to speak.

Instead of SZA’s dad being excited and proud to see his daughter win an award for Best Collaboration, he was seriously heated according to fans who are circulating an alleged post from SZA’s pop’s page where he’s calling out Doja Cat for being “unprofessional.” It appears that the father was displeased that Doja did not let SZA speak at the podium when the collaborators won for their hit “Kiss Me More.”

Peep the post for yourselves below, reshared by It’s Onsite.

Yiiikes! We did a little digging and saw that since this post has gone viral, SZA’s daddy has made his Instagram account private and fans are saying he deleted the post.

SZA has not said a word about it, but fans did notice that she was eager to say something into the mic at the VMAs.

Like SZA’s father, fans wanted to hear what the songstress had to say.

One fan wrote:

Doja should’ve let SZA talk instead of talking about how she looked like a worm…cause yes you did imagine it, you picked the outfit so…its not like they surprised you while you were at a Walmart


Do YOU think this was done on purpose? We’re sure Doja just got caught up in the moment, the two have a great relationship.


See the entire incident for yourself below.




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