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An Alabama mother was arrested for reportedly boarding the school bus and fighting her kid’s alleged bully.

A school bus drives past Pershing School in Orlando.

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In today’s “what were they thinking?” story, we take a trip down to Jefferson County, Alabama. The infamous home of First 48, where they usually film one season and keep it moving–but Birmingham is so wild they just moved in and kept on going. It doesn’t get more southern than the 205, Murda-ham, the magic city, home of UAB hospital.

This past Tuesday, on the 1800 block of Martinique Drive in the Center Point area Nannatt Waldrop, a 37-year-old mother unexpectedly went viral. She wasn’t going viral for doing a cute Tik-Tok dance, or doing a good deed, or a cute video she was going viral for boarding a school bus seeking all the smoke. Allegedly she jumped on a local school bus to confront the alleged bully of her child.

For obvious reasons, you can see why this is a very bad lapse in judgment, but it doesn’t stop there. Waldrop proceeded to initiate an altercation with the child who is only 11-years-old. Somehow she deemed it ok to fight the 11-year-old and give the child a lifetime of trauma. The video instantly made its way around the local community before going viral nationally and landing her in jail. She was charged with third-degree simple assault, trespassing on a school bus and disorderly conduct/disturbing the peace/affray. Her bond totaled $10,500 and she is a free woman at the moment but still will have to stand in front of a judge and explain her thought process which will provide second-hand embarrassment for everyone.

Violence is never the answer, especially against children. Not only will the kid involved be traumatized but the students who witnessed and the parents whose kids were on that bus. This is one of those times where the punishment will have to be so outlandish it stops anyone else from thinking of doing the same.




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