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Dru Hill is apparently taking an “anybody can get it” approach to challenging other iconic ’90s R&B groups to a Verzuz battle. On Sunday, the group’s members recorded a video of themselves aggressively putting into the universe the possibility of stepping onto the stage to battle it out with a shortlist of groups that might possibly be able to keep up with them in competition.

Ladies Love R&B Live With Dru Hill

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“Whoever wants it, can get it, whether it’s Jodeci, Boyz II Men…” lead singer and thong enthusiast Sisqó said in the clip. “Maybe 112 and Jagged Edge could combine to one group, and then they might have a chance.”



Dru Hill currently consists of original members of Nokio [white glasses, red shorts], Sisqó, and newbies Smoke E. Digglera and Digital Black. The group also recently posed for pics with original group member Jazz [black shirt and black mask].


112 and Jagged Edge already battled it out against each other in a May Verzuz, but apparently, them “Dru World Order” boys don’t think either group, individually, has a catalog worthy of head-to-head competition and would have to Voltron themselves into a mega tag-team group in order to enter the Dru dojo for a friendly nayhoo-off.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing all of these groups—Jodeci and Boyz II Men included—get together for a “whooo-yeah” royal rumble on the Verzuz stage.

The battle could take place in the middle of a random desert where the wind is blowing fiercely for whatever reason and some of the groups’ members are standing in an open-shirt Michael Jackson pose while others are lying belly-down in the sand with their arms extended into an open-hand reach.

In fact, why even stop with these five groups?

I can just see the “Baby, I’m beggin'” free-for-all happening in the ring right now, and just when you thought one group was about to emerge victorious, HERE COMES H-TOWN WITH THE CHAIR!!!

(Silk, Shai and Backstreet Boys were still waiting outside the ring deciding if they were going to jump over the ropes or just chill because that’s a whole lot of smoke and they ain’t sure if they want any of it yet.)

Notice, nobody in Dru Hill fixed themselves to say Jodeci and Boyz II Men needed to join forces in order to beat them because they knew the chances of them getting washed into Dru-blivion against either group by themselves would be too high. 

So, who do y’all think is the perfect matchup for Dru Hill in a Verzuz battle?



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