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In case you didn’t already think Lori “Savage” Harvey and Michael “Bae” Jordan were one of the most desirable couples in Hollyweird, the model confirmed they have a PERFECT relationship in her first-ever TV interview.

24-Year-Old Lori Harvey raved about her movie star boyfriend Michael B. Jordan, 34, during an appearance on The Real. While answering questions with the ladies on the show, Harvey detailed her blissful and easy relationship with Jordan.

Lori shared,

“Oh my goodness! Honestly, he’s really good at all the big things, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, all that, but it’s the little things, the everyday things that I think really is what makes him special, like, he just listens to me when I talk.”

Lori continued to dish with some simple yet cute tea about her boyfriend and how he chooses to keep her excited with the “little” things.

“Even the other day, I had just been saying I really just wanted to go to a farmer’s market, so he called me one Sunday morning and was like, ‘What are you doing? I’m going to come pick you up.”

“And he took me an hour away to this really cute farmer’s market and we had the best day. So, it’s things like that.”

Aww, how cute!

Harvey also talked about dating Jordan and revealed how she knew he was the right guy for her.

“I really do believe in the statement when they say, ‘when you know, you know,’” she said. “And I think that really applies to our situation and we just have a really good time together.”

“He’s so sweet, very attentive. He listens to me and the things that I say that I want,” Harvey added. “And he really makes an effort.”

Are those wedding bells we hear??? Seems plausible for the couple who’ve reportedly been dating since late last year.

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