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A mother and daughter were arrested after performing a botched, unlicensed surgery in their home that led to Karissa Rajpaul’s death.

The new operating room at the hospital

Source: Longhua Liao / Getty

At one point in time, plastic surgery was so expensive it was only reserved for the rich and famous, but like everything else, prices go down as competition gets heavier. Along with the price coming down, social media has eliminated the stigma around having surgery and given a direct look into what you will experience.

Dr. Miami has risen to fame by removing the blinders and taking you right into the operating room and showing you his patients’ before and after. The problem with the surge in popularity of plastic surgery, though, is that some people will ignore being licensed and think they can do these procedures in their basement for a lower cost. That was the case with pornstar Karissa Rajpaul, who allegedly died after a botched surgery in Encino, California.

Rajpaul put her life in the hands of Libby Adame and Alicia Galaz, a mother and daughter who literally had no background in plastic surgery. Police revealed Karissa underwent butt augmentation surgery at the Encino home in 2019 and was pumped with questionable substances. After passing away, Karissa’s death has been ruled a homicide due to acute cardiopulmonary dysfunction and intramuscular/intravascular silicone injections.

Police also learned the mother and daughter duo have been allegedly performing surgeries since 2012 with more horror stories under their belts. To make matters worse, Karissa allegedly uploaded a selfie to social media with the procedure being performed in the background–the last video she would take before her passing.



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