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There is never a drought when it comes to racism in the news but this story, in particular, is one that will have you ready to throw hands. According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, a 51-year-old white woman named Kristina Graper is facing a “non-criminal” violation of a 9-year-old Black boy’s civil right after threatening violence against him and more. A court record from May 10 states that Graper’s child pushed the Black victim which caused him to a toy missile that belonged to the white child. Graper went after the Black child and allegedly threatened to “kneel on his neck”, an obvious reference to the way that Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd. When a bystander took note of the behavior and chastised Graper. When the Black child got home he was shaken, scared, and told family members that Graper had called him the n-word.

Police spoke to Graper 21 days later on June 1. She denied threatening to kneel on the boy’s neck. She admitted telling the boy “you wonder why you guys get f— — kneeled on,” according to the complaint.

“She also denied calling (the boy) a n—-r, but later stated it was because ‘they’ don’t know how to shut their n—-r pie holes,’” reads the complaint.

Ok, so, maybe we were being a little politically correct. This type of s*** would have some parents ready to do a lot more than just throw hands.

“The incident had an impact on (the boy), who understood the defendant’s threat to be a reference to the murder of George Floyd in 2020,” the complaint reads.

Although we mentioned that the current status of Graper’s accountability was in a “non-criminal” form per New Hampshire Attorney General John Formella, the Dover Police Department has said that they are ready to make their criminal case following Formella’s formal issuance of a complaint.

Graper now faces a maximum fine of $5,000 if she is found to have committed a civil rights infraction. On the criminal side of things, hate crimes carry enhanced sentences in New Hampshire. Being found guilty of a misdemeanor that would normally result in a one-year sentence could be bumped up to 2-5 years if the crime shows bias against race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Here’s to hoping she receives maximum punishment and some more.



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