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Pervs of a feather flock together, but Faith isn’t having it!


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The drama isn’t completely over for survivors of R. Kelly’s abuse like Faith Rodgers who’s scoffing at claims the Predator Piper was “railroaded. TMZ reports that on Friday, she spoke publicly for the first time since the trial ended at a press conference hosted by her attorney, Gloria Allred. Rodgers is one of the 45 witnesses who testified against the singer during the six-week trial in New York.

Rogers previously shared details about her abusive relationship with Kelly in the Surviving R. Kelly documentary series and in an interview with CBS. When asked if she wanted an apology from the singer, Rogers told reporters, “the apology is his conviction.”

Now that the Pied Piper was found guilty on all counts in the federal racketeering case, she hopes to see a changed man when he is expected to return to court for sentencing in May. ”

What I would like to see, at least by that time, is a little bit of remorse and accountability,” Rodgers said according to Newsweek.

During Rodgers’ testimony, she said Kelly’s behavior was “childish and distracting. “While prosecutors played videos Kelly filmed of Rodgers as evidence for the jury to review, clips of his music were audible. Kelly proved to his own music, bobbing his head and playing air piano like he was at a house party instead of his own sex trafficking trial.

When he wasn’t pretending piano, Roders said he was pretending to read or take notes despite hist attorneys’ claims that he is illiterate. “For somebody that says they can’t read or write, and you start acting like you can write, or you act like you’re doing some type of work… I knew he was trying to throw me off and make me kind of shake up a little bit,” she said.

The Texas native also addressed comments Bill Cosby’s spokesperson, Andrew Wyatt, made to TMZ about the verdict, claiming that Kelly was “railroaded.”

To me, that is beyond insulting,” Rogers said. “After meeting R. Kelly when I was 19 years old, for that year and a half, he manipulated me for his own enjoyment and sexually abused me and tried to control me. When I made the choice to come forward with my story, he threatened me on multiple occasions, that if I continued to go forward with the telling of my truth, he would publish nude videos and pictures of me.”


These are the same intimidation and blackmail tactics described by multiple victims who testified against Kelly and came forward in interviews. Although Rogers hoped to finally see him go to jail, she said the backlash and harassment only got worse when he was taken into custody in 2019. According to the civil suit Rodgers filed in May of 2018, she already had lasting trauma from Kelly’s alleged verbal, mental, and sexual abuse, including intentional exposure to an incurable STD.

“R. Kelly did receive a fair trial. He was not railroaded,” Rodgers said.

Allred echoed her client’s answer. “Based on the evidence admitted at trial, the jury, after nine hours of deliberation, decided that R. Kelly was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and that he should be convicted,” the attorney said. “R. Kelly was not ‘railroaded.’ He was convicted based on the evidence.”

Rodgers said she’s relieved to finally be heard and believed in court after speaking her truth. “I no longer have to explain myself. Facts are facts.”




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