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Drop a library on this bozo’s head!

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Just because you aren’t white nor from America doesn’t mean that you’re not an agent of white supremacy and this is a prime example of why that statement is as true as the sky is blue.

A report in Yahoo! News details the arrest and subsequent conviction of a former UK English student who attacked his ex-girlfriend with sulfuric acid while dressed in a “fat suit” and makeup that made him appear to be a Black woman. In May 2021, 25-year-old Milad Rouf pulled up to his ex Rym Alaoui’s Brighton, England crib. When she answered the door, Rouf allegedly handed her a note then threw acid in her face. The injuries have resulted in life-changing damage. 6 weeks previous, Alaoui is said to have broken up with Rouf.

Authorities’ investigation led them to Rouf’s home where they found a shopping list containing items such as a “fat suit,” “face paint,” “two full head face masks” and a “black morph suit.” Rouf subsequently pleaded guilty to count one of applying a corrosive fluid with intent and was sentenced to 15 years on Oct. 7.

This crime is despicable enough as it is but when you add the fact that this piece of s**t made himself up so that his violence would be attributed to a Black woman is hate crime as far as we’re concerned. Police already believe us to be more violent and dangerous than other people and using that bias as a disguise makes us want to Milad Rouf fall down a long flight of marble stairs.

The judge in the case said she handed down the 15-year sentence because she didn’t see any remorse from Rouf during the trial. Rym Alaoui was also in court during sentencing and read the following statement:

“Since the day I was subject to this horrific attack, my life has changed. I live in pain and fear of my future wellbeing and financial hardship. The impact of the attack includes severe damage to my right eye which I am still unable to see out of,” reads the statement.

15 years is a light sentence when you consider how heinous this crime really is. Hopefully, Milad Rouf’s new roommates give him a cold welcome.


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