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Who in the hell is in charge of these schools nowadays?!

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It seems as if every single week we are profiling new incidents of overt racism and violence at some place of education in America. We’ve seen everything from “slave auctions” to secret Snapchats where white students go to post hateful messages about their Black classmates. One would think that these students’ parents would be appalled but have a feeling those parents are the ones who taught them to think that way in the first place.

According to MSNBC, a group of parents in Minnesota have filed a lawsuit against Duluth Edison Charter Schools for their failure and outright refusal to protect the elementary school and middle school children from egregious levels of abuse.

“There’s been a lot of frustrated families in the Duluth Edison community,” said Rebekah Bailey, an attorney representing the parents. “The families in this case, all they really ever wanted is for their children to be treated fairly at school. They fought long and hard to remedy their individual situations as best they could through the system. This case was only filed when they exhausted those opportunities.”

The suit details numerous incidents that have brought serious harm to multiple children. It states that white students routinely, bit, punched, kicked, and spit on Black students while calling them the n-word, “monkey” and other derogatory taunts. In one of the worst cases, a biracial child who attended North Star Academy had a white classmate threaten to stab her eye out with a screwdriver because she looked “different”. White students allegedly pinched and kicked the girl on several occasions and once she was punched so hard that her ribs were bruised. The girl’s father said administrators “avoided” him and failed to take any action  against the perpetrator.

In another case, a Black student was spit on so much by a white classmate that she had to change clothes.

This is Amerikkka.


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