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Everything is bigger in Texas, even the audacity of the racism…

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Students and their parents are beside themselves in anger and outrage after it was discovered that white children were engaging in a “slave sale” at Aledo, Texas schools. According to Dallas News, flyers that promoted “Great Sale of Slaves” were found around the neighborhoods and parks that surround Aledo High School and McAnally Intermediate School. A week ago, several of the participants in this heinous social media “game” were disciplined by the overseeing school board. On Monday, residents woke up to this.

Yesterday’s, public school board meeting was packed to capacity. COVID-19 be damned. People are pissed off and they were going to be heard. One of those people was a student named Chris Johnson. Chris was one of the students who was targeted by the racist social media scandal and he called out the grown-a$$ adults on the school board for failing him and all the other Black students who attend Aledo schools. He talked about his pain and his upbringing and he pulled no punches.

“If you think that this has affected you and your job, just imagine how we actually feel,” Johnson said to trustees, noting that the only apology he will accept is a change in behavior. “This is what happened in our community because we didn’t listen to the people affected most. Now we’re all suffering for it.”


Nearly two-dozen people spoke truth to power about how racism has harmed them and their children. One mother, Maria Turner, said that her 8-year-old son was targeted in a racist attack last Halloween. He was pushed to the ground and had his face pressed into the concrete.

“He laid there hopeless, hoping someone would step in,” she said. “As he struggled to break free, one of the children said “Hey, put your knee on his neck.”

Now, where do you suppose a child learned that violent tactic from? Violent policing of Black people already has a long and enduring legacy in Amerikkka but Derek Chauvin‘s murder of George Floyd has literally aided in teaching white children how to mistreat Black people.

Heads need to roll behind this incident and if the guillotine doesn’t get to-dropping soon, the Aledo school district is going to have a serious problem on its hands.




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