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Kodak Black Bernice Burgos

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It’s no argument that OG internet baddie Bernice Burgos has looked GOOD on everyone’s Instagram feeds since  Steve Jobs invented iPhones. The late thirties – early forty-ish grandmother is no stranger to being the topic of conversation and her latest viral clips have folks online doing just that. Only this time, fans are comparing her to the polarizing rapper, Kodak Black.

Unfortunately for Bernice, the Kodak comparisons have people questioning whether or not dancing and touching the backside of a family member is perverse or not. The conversation sparked after Burgos shared a viral TikTok of herself and her 20-something-year-old daughter Ashley dancing to Mystikal’s “Danger.”

In the clip, Ashley (who is a mother herself) is twerking in front of her mother when Bernice playfully taps her buttcheek twice.

Fans are comparing the TikTok clip of Bernice and her daughter to a recent viral clip of Kodak Black and his mom where he was dancing with his mother. That clip sparked tons of negative reactions, with fans criticizing Kodak for grabbing his mother’s backside and seemingly trying to kiss her in the mouth.

It appeared as if as soon as the video hit their Internet, Kodak Black was receiving all types of claims that he was a “pervert” and deserved jail for “sexually harassing his mother.”

But a few Twitter users have since posed the question of comparing Kodak Black to Bernice and her daughter playfully dancing. Are these two actions one in the same?

Twitter user @ItsNera believes they are, writing:

The same ones who are disgusted with Kodak are the same ones praising Bernice… make it make sense

Another Twitter user flat out asked the question:

“How is Kodak Black feeling up on his mom different than Bernice Burgos doing the same to her daughter?”

People online seem split down the middle on the issue after taking a glance at the comment section of OnSite’s Instagram page.

“She’s hyping her daughter up he’s feeling up his mother,” a commenter wrote, receiving over a thousand likes in agreement.

Yet, another commenter gaining over 500 like feels differently and stated, “I thought we said that was weird too?”

What do YOU think about this?


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