Funniest Tweets From The "Insecure" Season 5 Premiere

Stanky Legs & Stickups: Funniest Tweets From The “Insecure” Season 5 Premiere

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After several cool events, “Insecure” finally returned for its fifth and final season that starts where it all started at Stanford University–the real-life alma mater of Issa Rae.

Directed by Melina Matsoukas, the breezy episode delves into the fractured relationship between Issa and Molly that takes center stage during their eventful return to Stanford for their 10th year college reunion.

Kelli, Tiffany and her husband Derek are along for the wild ride that involves old friends-turned-bandits, old flames-turned-potential love interests, a hilarious In Memoriam mix-up with superlatives, and the saddest stanky leg ever.

We also see Issa break up with soon-to-be father Lawrence who understands the weight of his actions that derailed their swoon-worthy rekindling last season.

What we didn’t see, though, was his interaction with series supervillain Condola who’s expected to reveal whether or not he’s the father of her baby that threatens to end Lawrence and Issa’s baeship for good.

As previously reported, she’s been the target of online harassment stemming from her polarizing role on the hit series.

“I love all the names for Condola. Condolences is hilarious. Condolavirus might be second runner up. But there have been a few people who have taken it too far and slid into my DMs saying, ‘It’s on sight when I see you,’ she revealed in an interview with Essence.

Or ‘You need to go ahead and do the right thing with that baby.’ Telling me to abort… and because I actually was pregnant when the show came out, it felt a little–like an extra level of scary. Because I was like, which baby are you talkin’ bout?”

What was your fave moment from the premiere? Do you think Issa is wrong for breaking up with Lawrence after he picked her up from the airport? Tell us down below and peep the funniest tweets from the Season 5 premiere on the flip.

“Cheyanne a** said #InsecureHBO” – *cackles*

“Me when I thought Kelli had really died on #InsecureHBO” – *HOWLS*

“Condola not on the first episode. 😭 Girl, we ain’t gon jump you” – she’s coming *ominous music*

“Not Cheyenne robbing them with her sheisty a** lmaoooo” – a robbery shouldn’t be that funny

“She told Issa she can keep the shoes and I-” – hilarioussss

“Issa: “why he didn’t take my shoes though”

Tiffany:” – *falls down the stairs*

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“issa got lawrence to pick her up from the airport and bring her home then proceeded to break up with him” – did Lawrence dirty

“Damn… is that opportunity I smell?” – uh oh!

“Mirror Issa: Do we have any man?

Issa:” – haaaaa

“Tiffany running into her man’s exes” – always

“Not Issa with the Squid Game jacket” – IYKYK


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