Amara La Negra is expecting twins and gleefully sharing all about her pregnancy journey.

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The “Love & Hip Hop Miami” star is covering People En Español’s digital cover and revealing that she’s currently carrying two babies and will proudly be a single mom. Amara and her mother detailed to the publication Amara’s decision to raise her children alone.

“In my case, I woke up pregnant like the Virgin Mary,” Amara told the publication. I woke up pregnant and that’s all I remember. I will be a single mother. I know my babies will depend on me,” she adds. “Father is not the one who makes the child but the one who raises it. In time, if God grants me the blessing of finding the right man, one who supports me, who accepts me with my children, then Amen, he will be well received. But I feel blessed, and I am so happy that I sometimes forget that [I’ll be a single mom]. I am more focused on my babies.”

Her mother Ana María Oleaga who emigrated to the United States after crossing the Mexican border and has raised Amara mostly on her own, praised her daughter’s strength.

“My admiration is bigger now that she has the guts to face the world with two [kids],” says a proud Oleaga. “I tell her: ‘Instead of having a problematic father [in the picture], one who is going to raise them the wrong way, it’s better you raise them alone. Instead of the kids being raised around problems, nervousness, trauma, it’s better to raise them in peace.”

Amara also shared that she had a miscarriage in July and believes she was actually originally pregnant with TRIPLETS.

“In July I was pregnant, but unfortunately, I lost it,” Amara told People En Español. And what they suspect is that they were triplets, and one was lost because the timing was too tight. I lost one and I was bleeding for three weeks and at the end of the three weeks, I was filming Love & Hip Hop Miami and I felt so nauseous that I thought the food was making me sick. Then my woman’s intuition told me: ‘Do a pregnancy test’, even though I had just lost a pregnancy. I did the test, and it came back positive.

In July, I lost [a baby] and at the end of August, like three weeks later, I was already pregnant. It was very weird because when I went to see the doctor, he told me the gestational sac [was empty]. That’s how we understood that one was lost. So they suspect they were triplets. It’s hard to say it now because I had a lot of bleeding, and I was in a lot of pain


Congratulations to her and best wishes on a continued healthy pregnancy! Watch Krystal Vega’s BOSSIP Bytes coverage on the big news!



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