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Caucasity audacity strikes again…

Woman Snacks on Crackers

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We’ve long been taught to have respect for our elders but in this case, we would feel totally comfortable disrespecting the hell out of this old a** soup cookie.

A Newsweek article details an incident that took place in Portland, Oregon back in 2020 between a racist landlord and several of his Black tenants. In August of that year the owner of Stewart Hotel, 75-year-old Leon Drennan, was captured on video pointing a gun at Torrance Hunter while calling him all kinds of n-words. Thursday of last week, Drennan plead guilty to numerous charges in connection to that evening including, one count of second-degree assault, one count of unlawful use of a weapon, and one count of first-degree bias crime with a firearm.

Hunter subsequently filed a lawsuit against Drennan seeking $6 million in damages alleging that he was hit in the head with a crowbar and pistol-whipped according to KTVB. This was not the first time that Drennan had pulled such a move, he also faced charges stemming from a similar 2020 incident in which he attacked other Black tenants Latif Bossman and Kambria Kony. Drennan was in the midst of an armed confrontation with Kony where he threatened to shoot the Black man’s dog when Bossman intervened. Drennan told Bossman, “get out of my building you ni**er!”

Leon Drennan can go straight to hell.



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