Pretty Ricky Band Member Impregnates Tisha Campbell’s Little Sister and Now He is Denying the Baby

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This is just some mess. Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin are putting a certain Pretty Ricky (PR) member on blast. Apparently, Tisha’s little sister Tiara has had an on/off relationship with this dude for the past five year and now she’s 5 months pregnant. Tisha and Duane are PISSED!!! First of all, who in the hell would have sex with any member PRETTY RICKY… GROSS!!!

Pop the Top to Find Out the Lucky Winner

The winner is the one that looks like the nastiest one of all Diamond “Baby Blue” Smith. According to Toya, Tisha’s other sister, Tiara and Diamond met in Atlanta, so it wasn’t like her sister was some random groupie. Duane claims that Diamond is really a stand up guy and he has no idea why he is acting like this:

Duane Martin:
One thing lead to another and now she’s five months pregnant by him. I spoke to Blue in October and I would never imagine him being the way he is. He doesn’t call back, he doesn’t check on her and he’s also ignoring her phone calls. She and the family are really hurt by this.

I’m a father, so if I have to blast him to make him become a father, then I will do just that. Tisha has five sisters and one brother and she cares for them very much, so to hear that her sister wants to abort the baby because she feels like she made a mistake hurts Tisha. When you mess with my wife or my family then I become upset, especially when I tried to reach out to him in the beginning, instead of taking it to the next level.

[Tiara] doesn’t need any money from him. She just needs a father for her child and I know any woman can relate to that.

…I want women to watch who they sleep with because it can become a nightmare. My sister-in-law is in a deep state of depression because of all of this…

This is definitely one way to get Baby Blue’s attention but at the same time that doesn’t mean it’s going to make him step up to his responsibilities. Again though, Why in the hell would someone have sex with a member from Pretty Ricky???


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  • Blu Rain

    1st B_I_T_C_H_E_S!

  • aleximaq

    This dude just needs some problems…..why man? Why?

  • LULU


  • mzdiva

    why didn’t she use protection

  • RemoteControl2

    See, That’s why you should get married because of irresponsible men…sorry boys like him. First!!

  • RemoteControl2

    Man, top 5!

  • LeoGlamVixen

    LMAO @ the Drum major with the S Curl Fade look. He looks like a Father MC back up dancer.

  • Nique

    Thats n!!gas for you!

    I guess Tisha lucked out.

  • cutey

    he’s black, did she actually expect him to stick aorund? black men don’t do fatherhood. get with the program and wrap it up!

  • GG

    I feel bad for Tisha’s sister for sleeping with a piece of trash like this. I applaud Duane for telling this fool to man up, but I agree this probably would not make him own up to his responsibility. He may just very well be a certified piece of shit.

  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪

    I would never sleep with anyone who looks that gay

  • Southern Cabbage Patch

    Why is he’s name Diamond????????????

  • cruzan trini

    LMAO @ LeoGramVixen’s comment. Girl stop!!! I’m dying over here.

  • MadeByChevy25

    I hope this is old cause if she is having an abortion at 5mos she crazy thats pretty much a baby, she gonna mess around and die doing some mess like that… f.cuk him have ya child if you want it.

  • http://bossip KingLion

    And the sad thing is all that depression she is feeling is going to the baby.

  • MrsLaadee

    That whole Pretty Ricky group has issues. They tried to make it seem like it was just Pleasure P that was fu*ked up but it’s all of them.

  • Just Sayin


  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 86 DAYS!!!



  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 86 DAYS!!!



  • noelle

    Wait, where is her pic!!


    Damn, Tisha used to be fine. A LOOOOOONG time ago.

  • moneymagnet

    Duane needs to worry about his downlow exploits, not what the next man is doing.

  • CareBear

    I got one word for Tisha and sister; MAURY!

  • farrah

    wow, this is crazy. i met dude in atlanta also and he was flirting with me, but it never went anywhere. i think he could tell that i wasn’t trying to give it up like that. he talks a really good game, but i can’t say that i’m all that surprised.

  • Sylmarvelous

    I can personally relate to ol’girl and I feel for her…Try to only think a bout your baby, baby girl! If he doesn’t want to be around, don’t be bitter and bad-talk him when the baby gets older, your baby will realize that by his/herself!

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