Is Pink Dissing Beyonce While Performing “STUPID GIRLS”???

- By Bossip Staff

Pink was in Liverpool performing her infamous jawn “Stupid Girl.” That’s the song where she makes fun of all the ladies in the industry for selling out to sell albums. Pink had on a long blonde wig, a crazy looking outfit and was gyrating just like Bey Bey.

Flip the Lid and Tell Us if You Think She’s Mocking B…

If it looks like Beyonce and acts like Beyonce then…

What do ya’ll think???

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  • Slap Your Mother

    She’d have a point if she wasn’t known to dress like a stupid girl from time to time. Singing this after that Lady Marmalade mess = FAILURE OF FAILURES

  • Prime

    How about a picture of her perfomance????!!!!

  • MadeByChevy25

    Yeah they hate when you doin something right… Pink need to stop, thats my girl too.

  • Alrighty Then...

    *in my best ‘Mister’ from Color Purple voice*

    “could be, could be not.”

  • JB (Riding hard for Pat Summit the Greek Goddes of Basketball)

    bwhahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! I love me some Pink. And Beyowoulf don’t want none of her. She is not scared of Daddy Knowles.

  • Peep the video here

    Yeah, that’s Bey alright!

  • Prime

    Um YES seems like she’s f* with Beyonce!

  • Prime

    Her outfit and wig, yes. But look at the way she’s dancing! All the single ladies, all the single ladies… put your hands up!!! hahaaa

  • MsYoungGifted&Raw

    QUESTION how many INTELLIGENT women rock PINK hair?? LOL….sounds hypocritical if you ask me…just because you dont shake a**…rock skimpy clothes and rock long extensions does not mean your better then the next chic..especially if your hair is dyed pink.

  • MsYoungGifted&Raw

    @Prime..then she should have worn a unitard and a glove…then I definately would believe shes mocking BEYONCE. LOL

  • sunshinerd

    haaaa haaa… lol pink… calll out that stupid girl..

  • Felicia

    They say imitation is flattery at it’s highest…maybe Pink just wanted to do Bey’s moves. (?) SMH

  • resurrected

    yeah it does look like she is talking about Beyonce it’s that the single ladies dance but got to luv Pink becuz she is a rebel…

  • Ladi

    Definitely Beyonce, because she’s doing the Single Ladies dance. I love Pink!!!!

  • TGIF

    ROFLMAO! Pink has beyowulf down pat!

  • DI

    is any better. oops!! 😀


    It seems a little goofy and hypocritical because Pink has been guilty of doing the same thing. Who cares? I love that little body of hers. That thing looks like it’s just begging for a pounding.

  • Acacia

    Those hand movements were from Bob Fosse ooops I mean Single Ladies.

  • MsYoungGifted&Raw

    LMAO…I bet shes going to do one on RIHANNA next. smdh.

  • MochaLove

    Hahahahaaaaaa! I love Pink! She totally mocked Beyonce *ahem* Sasha’s dance moves! This is hilarious! Hell, she did it better than Ms. Fierce. Ahahaaaa. Got me laughing this morning.

  • Divine

    I love Pink! LOL!!!
    She’s an artist with talent.
    And she is dissing Beyonce, Brittany Spears and all those girls that sold their asses over artistry.

  • ~*IslandNik*~

    hahahhahah!!!!! i love pink!! shes so hard.. and she doesnt apologize for anything!!!! i love it!!!! that was clearly to bey… with the single ladies dance… hahaha…

  • aleximaq

    Ummmm….duh! Hell yeah!!!

  • Kigali- I will check you

    Pink just needs to admit that she is a homosexual and get off of it. This, “I hate the popular pretty girls,” is old and juvenile. Her hair is nice.

  • Miss A.

    Yeah she’s poking fun at Beyonce. She’s doing the single ladies dance lol

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