"Family Or Fiancé" Couple Kouri And Candace Have Serious Commitment Issues

“Family Or Fiancé” Exclusive: Is Unfaithful Fiancé Kouri Really Ready To Commit To Candace? [VIDEO]

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Just in case you needed a reminder that your love life could always be more chaotic, OWN is back with a brand new episode of “Family Or Fiancé.”

Family Or Fiancé episodic still from Kouri and Candace episode

Source: Courtesy OWN / Oprah Winfrey Network

This week we are all in for another drama filled episode of “Family or Fiancé” when we meet Candace and Kouri, who is a walking RED FLAG. It turns out that he’s been caught creepin’ and some of his sneaky links were full blown situationships! Take a look at the clip below:


Yeah… We don’t know if we would be giving this man a chance at marriage. Would you?

Here’s the full synopsis of the episode:

A bride hopes that her groom can relinquish his identity as a ladies’ man and focus on becoming the family man that she needs and wants him to be. But without a father figure of his own growing up, he struggles with what that role should entail.

It’s so wild how our childhood and the shortcomings of our parents really affect how we operate in relationships moving forward. Do you think Kouri can get his issues under control and finally be faithful to Candace?

“Family Or Fiancé” “Candace and Kouri: Player, Interrupted” airs on Saturday, November 20 at 10pm ET/PT on OWN. Will you be watching?


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