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Enjoy a list of podcasts worth a listen during your holiday travel.

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Big Facts Podcast

Big Facts podcast is without a doubt the best new podcast to pop up on the scene. Hosted by DJ Scream, Big Bank, and Baby Jade the podcasat has the perfect mix of foolishness mixed with seriousness. Plus the icing on the cake is the top tier guest list they provide week after week.


Generation WHY

When you say podcast most people think of a true-crime podcast and chances are that the genre was your first introduction to podcasting. Generation Why is a true-crime podcast that debuted in 2012 and easily is credited with creating the true-crime genre we know today. A 2020 study found the podcast is the most popular true-crime podcast in the United States. The show takes individual cases and revisits the facts and info to try to crack the case. With over 400 episodes once you dive in you’ll be hooked with plenty to catch up on.

Drink Champs

Drink Champs is of course one of the more popular podcasts featuring NORE and DJ EFN. Listeners rave over the fact that Drink Champs guests don’t sound like they’re on a press run and instead give honest answers instead of what their PR person told them to say. Maybe it’s the liquor that gets the honesty, but either way it’s great for listeners. Another great reason for listening is if you’re a Hip-Hop fan is that there’s some amazing behind-the-scenes stories for you to indulge in. If you haven’t checked out their latest with Kanye West you can peep it below.

All The Smoke

All The Smoke is the brainchild of Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson who are both hilarious and outspoken. When it comes to sports, all their peers respect them and feel comfortable opening up and being vulnerable about any question asked. They are also mentors to tons of players and give a look into their guests ‘lives and the ups and downs. Plus they drop a ton of game on life in general.

Earn Your Leisure

Earn Your Leisure is the perfect podcast for every entrepreneur, wantrepreneur, investor, hustler, or tech person. Even if you’re not one of those people and just appreciate information and knowledge, this is the podcast for you. The host Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings do a good job of dropping gems before bringing in people the audience knows and respects to tell you how they used that information to get where they are. Guests vary from people you’ve heard of like Rick Ross, to people that may live in your city, that you’re unaware of with inspiring stories of turning nothing into something.

These are just a few of our picks, but if you want something other than these click here for a more detailed list of podcasts to choose from. We hope you have safe travels and happy holidays!!


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