TN Man Charged After Assaulting, Racially Profiling Black Parking Attendant

‘Typical Karen Moment’ TN Man Charged With Assault After Mother Racially Profiled, Called Cops On A Black Parking Attendant

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Another day, another Karen…

Edward Brennan and Karen

Source: JOHNNY MARTINEZ / Youtube

Yet another innocent Black person was recently caught up in racist white people’s entitled nonsense. According to The Independent, the viral video of mother and son Bitsy Brennan and Edward Brennan led to criminal charges, but not the ones they hoped would result from calling the police on Johnny Martinez for working while Black. Nashville Metro PD filed charges against the son for assaulting Martinez the week after the incident.

Martinez was minding his business on Nov. 27, making the rounds for a local booting company and checking cars for permits at the River House apartment complex. The building is one of the hundreds of properties his company services in the Nashville area. Martinez pulled his phone out to record when he noticed the Brennans surveilling him as he worked in the parking garage. He claimed he tried to avoid the suspicious characters until Bitsy confronted him. “You don’t belong here. We just want to know what you’re doing here.”

Martinez later told The Daily Beast“I thought I was going to have a typical Karen moment.”

The wannabe overseers demanded to see his papers, even though he was dressed in a headlamp and kneepads for work. In the description of his video on YouTube, he wrote that “They knew what I was doing and just wanted to demean me by telling me I didn’t belong and trying to force me to show them ID.”

When the parking attendant refused, the son threatened to call the cops before escalating to a physical altercation, allegedly taking a swing at Martinez and lunging at him.

“Get the f*ck out of my building!” Edward yelled after the failed sucker punch. Martinez called their bluff and encouraged them to call the police while saying that he plans to press charges for assault and get them arrested.

In the video, Karen scoffs, and the son laughs. Right on Karen cue, she lies about the alleged assault captured on camera and pulls out her phone to call the police.

Check out the video of the incident below.


“There is a gentleman down here, we asked him what he is doing down here, and he said none of our business and was kind of nasty towards us,” she said summoning her most Oscar-worthy White tears for the 911 call. “So we are kind of trying to figure out why this person is here in the parking lot. He is not telling us why he’s here saying none of our business. He will not show us his ID.”

While the testilying continues with 911 and Brennan explains that she’s not building security, Martinez calls them on their racial profiling. “Tell them that the person is Black!”

The Brennans fled the scene like criminals, but Martinez stayed to press charges. “A reasonable person would regard the contact as extremely offensive or provocative,” causing Martinez to fear “imminent bodily injury,” the arrest warrant said.

According to The Daily Mail, Martinez launched a GoFundMe campaign to help with legal fees, medical and counseling expenses, and loss of income from the attack.

“I’m fundraising to cover any legal expenses associated with defending myself should interested parties choose to take legal action against me after being assaulted,” he wrote on the fundraiser page. “Additionally, due to the emotional distress of the incident, I quit that job which was meant to pay for existing expenses and holiday expenditures. I would like also use the funds for medical expenditures which will arise from seeking counseling.”

If Jussie can get criminal charges for false police reports, when will these Karens catch a case for maliciously lying to police? Too many typical Karen moments turn deadly.



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