Feds are reportedly shocked and in disbelief that Drake and Kanye would push for the release of one of the “most dangerous” criminals in the world.

Drake x Kanye

Source: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Noir Blanc/Prince Williams / Getty

Last week, Drake and Kanye West put their beef behind them and finally linked up to give fans what they have been dreaming of for ages.

Both rappers took the stage in LA at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in an effort to push awareness and for the release of Larry Hoover. The event brought together over 70,000 people who are now aware of the plight of Larry Hoover and his story. Usually, you wouldn’t hear a response from the feds on something like this but it’s 2021 and everyone has access to a platform to respond.

Now, TMZ is reporting the feds were shocked by the concert and the entire movement to Free Larry Hoover involving such big names. The publication’s law enforcement source who is working the case also revealed they are upset that anyone would support freeing someone they believe is “worst of the worst.”

Regardless of how they feel, anyone who looks at the case can instantly see Larry Hoover was over-sentenced, and spending decades in a supermax prison in a room for 20 plus hours a day for selling crack isn’t very fair. Hoover was jailed and convicted for an Illinois murder in 1973 where he’s accused of directing the shooting of a man. He’s also credited with founding Chicago’s infamous Gangster Disciples.

For context, Larry Hoover is at the same prison that houses El Chapo, Eric Rudolph, Al-Qaeda operatives, and the Boston Marathon Bomber just to name a few. Larry Hoover is currently serving 6 life sentences for crimes lesser than the rest at the ADX supermax prison and with the added attention, maybe his situation could change.



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