"Power Book II: Ghost" Blows Up Twitter With Shocking Reveal

“Power Book II: Ghost” Reveals Monet J. Blige Is THIS Doofy Character’s Mother & It Really Messed Us Up

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We weren’t ready for the shocking reveal on hit Starz series “Power Book II: Ghost” that sent the whole entire Powerverse and millions of viewers into a tizzy over the weekend.

In a stunning scene with potentially deadly ramifications, we learn that doofy Zeke is really Monet’s SON and not her nephew who she seems to care about more than her own children.

In addition to making an already juicy plot more entertaining, it explained why Monet coddles Zeke while being unreasonably hard on her kids.

Remember when I said there’s a ton of twists and turns that the fans won’t be able to guess??!! THIS is one of them. ZEKE IS OUR HALF BROTHER!!

At this point, we’re excited to see how Zeke gets out of his legal troubles (IF he gets out of them) stemming from Tariq and Cane’s murder of Professor Reynolds who continues to complicate things (directly and indirectly) for everyone on the show.

At the center of everything is Tariq who’s tangled in a similar web as his father who somehow managed to escape countless impossible scenarios before his death.

“Tariq ain’t ever gone get a break. Mama’s gone, granny is a drunk, sister in the system, business partner linking with his enemy that’s tryna frame him, girl is a snitch & he walking everywhere”

With so many storylines in motion, we anticipate more shockers from one of the better spin-offs we’ve seen in a minute.

Will Monet tell Zeke he’s actually her son? How will Zeke take it? Will Tariq actually let CANE frame him for Ramirez’s murder? Will Tariq be in the streets AND caring for his sister? What happens to big mama? Where’s Tasha? What happens to Monet when Lorenzo gets out? Will Monet pop Carrie for her relationship with Zeke? Will Tariq pop Lauren for trying to snitch on him? What is Mecca plotting? Will Cane survive this season? How will Rashad get what he needs from Tariq while his brother continues investigating a case tied to Tariq?

So many questions and half a season left for Tariq’s to use every trick in his father’s book to get out of another impossible situation.

What was your reaction to THAT moment? Tell us down below and peep the funniest (and pettiest) reactions to the big reveal on the flip.

“When Zeke finds out he’s monets son” – *HOWLS*

“MAN! I did NOT expect this sh*t” – mannnnn

“I can see zeke dumb a** now

Monet: I’m not your aunt I’m your mom

Zeke: auntie how long you knew this” – bruhhhh

“Me when _______ said he was protecting “our son” – classsssic clip

“Me finding out Zeke is Monet and Mecca son #PowerBookII” – we fell over, too

“When Mecca said our son 😩” – THE WIG

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“B*tch excuse me?.. our son??” – LOLOLOLOLOLOL

“So they want me to believe this cold a** n*gga made this dumb a** n*gga with Monet… #PowerGhost #PowerBookII” – yeaaa, so…

“When Mecca said “…our son” , I had to think back to see if Zeke or Monet had ever really mentioned Zeke’s parents like..” – us too!


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