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First of all—this is the worst Set It Off remake I’ve ever seen. 

On Sunday, a beauty supply store in Tamarac, Florida, was robbed by what security camera footage shows were a pregnant woman, a woman holding a baby, and a third woman.

According to Local 10 News, the trio of makeover marauders wasn’t after The Beauty Plug (there’s no way the store is really called that…holy hell, it’s really called that) supply shop’s cash register. Instead, they reportedly stole several lace-front wigs. (Basically, this is what would happen if Tyler Perry had an idea for a heist movie.)

It’s also unclear if the cast of Three Robber Women And A Baby had guns when they robbed the store, but, according to the owner, they didn’t use firearms at all. Instead, one of the women pepper-sprayed an employee who happened to be the owner’s daughter.

“Tonight we experienced a horrific event,” the shop owner posted to the store’s Instagram page, according to The Shade Room. “3 girls came into our store attacked my daughter with pepper spray and stole multiple lace wigs. I cannot believe this. If you recognize any of them PLEASE contact us. One was very pregnant and the other was holding a baby that approx. 6-8 months.”

“I hope those wigs were worth it because once you decided to pepper spray my child, you turn a simple petty theft into robbery w/assault & battery, and because you had that baby with you, you’ll be charged on that too,” the owner continued. “Sad that you’re about to lose your children and freedom over some wigs. Dumb low-life.”

Guys, obviously, this is no laughing matterI mean, when you gotta get cute, you gotta get cute, and if you don’t have the money to get cute, sometimes you gotta pull some Great Value Italian Job sh** so you won’t be out here looking busted. *In my best Chris Rock voice* I’m not saying they should have done it—but I understand.

Anyway, Local 10 News reported that a Broward Sheriff’s Office detective came out to speak with the owner on Monday and the robbery is being investigated, although, so far, no suspects are in custody.

Hopefully, they at least looked good in their new wigs, though.




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