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Last week, Lafayette City Court Judge Michelle Odinet went from being an officer of the court to being a defendant in the court of public opinion because it turns out judges who get caught on film singing the n-word around like it was a new O-merica COVID variant are not viewed favorably, particularly, to melanated people who might find themselves their courtrooms.

Unfortunately, Odinet can’t be forced off the bench and would have to voluntarily resign or be removed by the Louisiana Supreme Court because, as the Daily Advertiser reported, “Judges are unique in Louisiana in that they are the only elected officials who are protected from recall petitions.”

But that doesn’t mean nothing can be done legally to protect the Black public from the racist lady banging her racist gavel while dressed in a racist might-as-well-be-a-Klan robe.

According to the Daily Mail, New Orleans District Attorney Jason Williams has ordered a review of every single case handled by Odinet during her time as a prosecutor nearly three decades ago. Odinet—who went with the “blame it on the se-se-se-se-se-sedative” approach to explaining away the video of the impromptu “I heart negro hate” rally that took place in her home—was also suspended from the bench without pay. (I guess you can’t force them out, but you can f**k with their coins for a while.)

While announcing the probe into Odinet’s prosecutorial work, Williams called the video “deeply concerning to any person who genuinely cares about fair outcomes in our criminal system.”

“No act, including a criminal act, justifies the denial of basic dignity inherent in the language used by Judge Odinet,” Williams’ written statement continued. “That a judge and former prosecutor so comfortably employed a racial epithet serves as a telling reminder that the attitudes which fostered mass incarceration continue to undermine our pursuit of equal justice. Moreover, the casual dehumanization displayed by Judge Odinet raises serious questions about her impartiality and the presence of bias and discrimination in her work on the bench and during her time as a prosecutor.”

As previously reported, Odinet offered the standard non-apology from the Racist Caucasian Guide to Saying I’m Sorry When I’m Really Just Sorry I Got Caught, in which she explained that a man who happened to be Black attempted to burglarize her home and that the “incident shook me to my core and my mental state was fragile.”

Apparently, Odinet’s “core” is where she keeps her stockpile of racial slurs, and I’m certain her fragility came long before the robbery incident.

It’s also worth mentioning that she referred to the incident as an “armed burglary” when, according to the Daily Mail, no weapon was found on the suspect.

And we’re supposed to trust that Odinet is an honest judge?


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