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It’s almost like they want any excuse to kill people…

Policeman points a pistol at a shooting range

Source: picture alliance / Getty

You should go ahead and prepare to see this story lighting up your social media timeline because there is sure to be a lot of arguing about what took place here. According to a report in Ohio’s Star-Advertiser, a 46-year-old Black man named James Williams was gunned down by an unidentified Canton police officer without warning or notice. Subsequently, the body camera footage of the incident has been released and it shows the officer blindly shooting through a wooden fence as Williams can be seen firing his AR-15 rifle into the air to “celebrate” the New Year. To make matters worse, the officer didn’t identify himself as a policeman nor did he give any kind of warning before firing his service weapon.

AFTER he killed Williams, THEN he screamed “POLICE! GET DOWN NOW!”.

James’ wife Marquetta Williams and their small children can be seen gathered on the front porch with their hands raised, probably praying to God that this trigger-happy officer doesn’t shoot them too. Let Canton Police Chief Jack Angelo tell it, this cop “feared for his life” despite the fact that the shooting was directed toward him nor was it particularly near him as he had to leave his cruiser and walk up to the fence.

Word is that the unidentified officer has been placed on administrative leave. Hopefully, Twitter does its thing.



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