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These cops HAVE to start going to prison!

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Julian Lewis was guilty of having a busted tail light. Not drug-dealing. Not a violent crime. Not sex trafficking. Simply a bust tail light. Normally, a bust tail light would get you a ticket. Hell, the cop might even let you go with a warning. Unfortunately for the 60-year-old Lewis, Jake Thompson didn’t want to give a ticket or a warning. He wanted to take Julian Lewis’ life.

According to Fox5Atlanta, on Aug. 7, 2020, when Lewis saw that he was being pulled over, he signaled to Thompson that he was going to find a safe place to do so. Thompson wasn’t trying to hear that. So, he performed a PIT maneuver, incapacitated Lewis’ car, then proceeded to shoot him in the head within seconds of exiting his patrol vehicle.

“This trooper engaged in a PIT maneuver counter to his training which rendered Mr. Lewis’ car inoperable, we know that for a fact. Within two seconds, Jacob Thompson shot Lewis in the head and killed him,” said Lewis family attorney Francys Johnson.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations arrested Thompson and filed charges against him. He was also fired from the police department. Monday, a trash-a$$ grand jury in Screven County recommended that the trail not move forward.

The Lewis family has a list of demands in the case. They want to see the dashcam video, they want to meet with DA Daphne Totten, which has not happened yet. Lastly, they want another grand jury empaneled.

Daphne Totten still retains the sole power to take this case despite what the grand jury thinks is best. We’re going to monitor this case to see how she proceeds…


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