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One guess who this guy voted for…

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It doesn’t take much for white folks to talk in public the way they talk at home.

According to an Atlanta Black Star report, a white father named William Cunningham in the suburban Seattle area of Monroe, Washington has been charged with federal hate crimes after threatening to kill African-American students at his daughter’s school after a petty incident of teenage angst.

The story is a bit convoluted but stick with us and we’ll make it short and sweet.

Cunningham’s daughter, a white girl, shoved the friend of a Black male student in the hallway. After school, the Black male student stepped to the girl and her lil’ boyfriend in the parking lot. A school-aged kerfuffle ensued with pushing and shoving and nary a person bustin’ a grape. The white girl’s victimhood kicked in immediately and she called her daddy on FaceTime then walked up to the Black students. Here’s what happened next according to the report:

Video footage captured the father making death threats, telling the young man, “going to [expletive] all you [N-word] up. If I see you, I’ll kill you,” and other racial expletives, court documents stated.

“He said he’s a white cracker, and he’ll [expletive] all you [N-word] up. You want to act ignorant?” she said, according to court records. Addressing her boyfriend, she added, “My dad says you got something metal in the car smack that [expletive] in his mouth right now.”

But don’t just read it, see it for yourself.

This soup cookie threatened to MURDER CHILDREN WHILE CALLING THEM SLURS over some pushing and shoving.

The Monroe Police Department has issued a statement on the incident noting that there were “additional acts of harassment and intimidation” directed towards a teen victim including a visit to the teenager’s job.

“Immediately upon becoming aware of this incident, MPD implemented our protocols for responding to hate and racially biased crimes. Our investigation included interviewing the individuals involved, carefully reviewing video recordings, and collecting and securing digital evidence.

It was during our investigation, on November 28, 2021, we learned of additional acts of harassment and intimidation directed toward the teenage victim in this case. These acts, instigated by the father and associated teenage suspects in this case, included showing up at the victim’s place of employment, following him around, and staring at him. These acts led to formal trespass notices being served on the father and associated teenage suspects, prohibiting them from visiting or frequenting the victim’s place of employment.”

We’re not lawyers but William Cunningham should serve at least 10 years in prison for this. There’s Black people in there longer for much, much, much less.



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