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Roddy Ricch joins Clubhouse to confront man claiming he was false flagging, causing the rapper to drag the man up and down the Clubhouse hallway and humble him in front of everyone.

2021 Lollapalooza - Day 2

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At this point, if you’re on Clubhouse slandering or gossiping about a celebrity—especially a rapper—there is an 80% chance that the star will appear to confront you themself. If Wack100 is in the room, he’s not going to let rumors or shade slide and make you stand on whatever you say.

Yesterday, Wack100 invited Roddy Ricch to Clubhouse to confront rumors brought forth by a man claiming Roddy was false flagging and not from the hood he claims. As soon as Roddy hopped on stage, his voice and energy let us know he was not amused by the allegations, quickly reminding everyone how he got his stripes and asking the hater if he remembers.

Roddy then puts on a brilliant display of cloth talk while reminding the gentleman that he made $20 million last year.

“I made $20 million in a year you think imma be in the hood still posted up with you n***a?”

That one line alone gave everyone second-hand embarrassment for the man who caused this whole ordeal. Roddy even went on to name everyone from his hood who is still with him and those behind bars who have lawyers. He even reveals he stopped shooting videos in the hood due to a request from Julie Greenwald and his label.

Words don’t do this dragging justice, so you can listen below to hear Roddy drag a man by his net worth back to the business he can afford to discuss.



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