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Nelly is setting the record straight after a woman claimed to find his duffel bag with $300,000 inside…only to get $100 in return.

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This week, someone claimed that she found a whopping $300K in a duffel bag that Nelly lost, but says she was only given a lousy $100 when she returned it.

While most of us would say returning a bag of free money was that woman’s first mistake, the rapper is fighting back against these claims, saying this whole exchange never even happened. He commented underneath an Instagram post from The Neighborhood Talk, which shows a video of the woman being made fun of by her friends for returning the money (as they should, if her story were real).

In the clip, the woman is with several friends as they recount what supposedly happened.

“We up here at the bowling alley, she found Nelly bag, it had $300,000 in it,” a man narrates, pointing the camera at the laughing woman. “And guess what she do? She gave it back.”

The person filming goes on to ask the woman what she got for returning the $300K, which is when the clowning ensues.

“What they give you? Tell ’em what they give you.” He points the camera at himself, saying, “They gave her $100 f***ing dollars. … They gave her $100 for giving him back $300,000.”

But, according to the singer, the bag wasn’t his.

“Cap…SUUUUUUUPPPPPEEEEEERRRR CAAPPP,” Nelly wrote in the comments, denying the entire story. “I didn’t lose s**t idk what bag or who’s bag they talkin bout but it dam show wasn’t mine.”

It’s currently unclear where the money was found or who’s money it was, now that Nelly denies the whole thing, though HotNewHipHop reports the duffel was left at Midtown Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia.

Moral of the story: stop blocking your own blessings.


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