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THIS is the kind of honesty that we want from politicians!


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Listen, say what you want but we’ve reached a point in American politics where raw, unfiltered, just-the-facts would be welcomed with open arms after all the lies and BS that people have been fed over the past few years.

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If you’re like us, then you probably reacted similarly to how Nina Turner is reacting in the above photo with Chambers (this is an old photo, she is not actually reacting to the ad).

Fortunately, Gary Chambers Jr. raw and unfiltered type of politician that wants to represent his state of Louisiana in the Senate. How raw and how unfiltered is Gary Chambers Jr.? For an answer to that question, look no further than his latest smokin’ hot campaign ad that minces no words and is sure to grind gears and…flower.

“Experts” say that Chambers has no legit chance to unseat his incumbent opponent U.S. Sen. John N. Kennedy but with ads like this, in addition to his passion to protect the proletariat and the polls, what’s not to like???

Let’s be clear, MILLIONS of American’s smoke the lord’s lettuce. Sure, not all of those folks live in Louisiana but the point is that marijuana smoke isn’t going to be a non-starter for a whole lot of folks. Beyond that, you have to appreciate the pair of jewels swinging inside Chambers’ pants that allow him to air such a progressively pointed ad out there for people to watch. An article in The Advocate points to this very fact.

“When you’re running for the U.S. Senate, the most important thing is name recognition,” said Gary Clark, who chairs the School of Social Policy at Dillard. “He’s very good at social media. They’re going to know his name in Alexandria, Monroe, Shreveport and those communities.”

People will most certainly recognize Gary Chambers Jr. name as much as they recognize the scent of his loud pack. If you live in Louisiana and have the ability to vote, you should give this brotha a serious look and find out more about his policies.


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