"Why Are We Like This" Looks At 2021's Top Trends From The World Wild Web

“Why Are We Like This” Looks Back At 2021’s Top Trends From The World Wild Web

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Whew… Who else is happy to make it to 2022 in one piece? One thing’s for sure, we couldn’t have made it without our senses of humor! But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s have a look back and what we survived.

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Just when we thought we’d made it through 2020, 2021 came through with its own special level of absolute ridiculousness. Regardless, together as a culture, we have survived the madness with hella jokes, mad memes and the spirits of our funny a** ancestors. This is “Why Are We Like This.”

In the first part of “Why Are We Like This,” we explore the January 6th insurrection at the nation’s Capitol, Bernie Sanders’ inauguration look, Gorilla Glue Girl, the red flag trend, African-American urges, the rules of engagement for Spades, stacking in Uno games, cancel culture and more! We had tweets, memes, tiktoks, reels, lives, clubhouse rooms and more all about these topics and EVERYBODY had so much to say. Thank goodness too, because those jokes gave us all life!

Check out “Why Are We Like This” below:

Are you a spades player, an Uno player or none of the above? What was your favorite memory from the 2021 trends? Did you take part in the red flag tweets? Which red flag got the most laughs in your group chat? How about the African-American urges? Which African-American urges are strongest for you?

Has anyone checked on Gorilla Glue Girl in 2022? We have questions that need answers!



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