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Senators Address The Media After Their Weekly Policy Luncheons

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Mitch McConnell has long-proven to be a slimy scumbag who isn’t the least bit surrepitious about his insidious nature. Earlier this week, when asked a question about the concerns that Black voters have about the Mutombo-esque blockage of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, Moscow Mitch once again said the quiet part very loud with his whole withered chest.

That is correct. You just heard the sitting U.S. Senator make a clear distinction between who is American and show isn’t. Spoiler alert, in Mitch’s worlds, our Black a**es do not qualify as legit members of this western society. We are “the others”. If you think that is hyperbole, peep this clip that is circulating virally following yesterday’s racist rant.

Mitch is a very “proud” boy when it comes to his party’s ability to consistently retain the votes of white people. As if it took some extraordinary effort to do so. All you have to say to conservative white folks to get their vote is “no abortions for these loose women”, “rich people ain’t gotta pay the government s#!t”, and “guns for everybody” and boom, whites will flood the ballot boxes with votes.

As you might imagine, the reactions to McConnell’s statement are not going over well…

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